Shampoo - Hair & Body


SSS® Foam Fresh Hair & Body Spa - 1250 mL

Rich, foaming hair and body cleanser made for use in any shower applications. Fragrance: Cucumber-melon. Color: Green.

Manufacturers Part #34087
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SSS® FoamClean Body Fresh Hair & Body Shampoo - 1000 mL

Enriched with aloe and vitamin E. Light aloe vera fragrance. Blue.

Manufacturers Part #44142
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GOJO® Shower Up® Soap & Shampoo - PRO™ 5000 mL

Rich hand, hair and body soap that provides a clean alternative to non-hygienic bar soaps. Ideal for use in health clubs and fitness centers. Rose colored, with clean fragrance. Use dispenser: 7500-01.

Manufacturers Part #7530-02
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